allison teresa (riveroncecried) wrote,
allison teresa

random ramblings... la la la.

Things tend to suck, and go downhill, but.... I think I'm finally over it. No more whining about how depressed I am and all of that crap... Honestly, it gets me nowhere and makes me more depressed..

On lighter news, I think I hate my dad. FATHER. Because Dads are.... well, they're nice, and they don't say offensive and uselessly insulting things. ^_____^"

More lighter news, I was acting like a pervert again last night with a friend, although I am a pervert so... *ahem*.... I don't really have an excuse sadly.. Hahah. Although that's not really funny... Hmm, I don't hide it, not exactly.. Practically all of my friends know.. I mean, with my mouth, how could  they not know?

I... was really pissed, reminiscing about a lot of criticism that has come to me over the years about my taste and colour of clothes. Of course I know that it doesn't matter to the majority of guys who just like to see my body anyway... but the point was!! -erm... it was..

Well, this past weekend, I added to the "general" box on my myspace, because I felt that was more important that listing a lot of crap (though true)... At least it made me feel better... It's not personal to the person who asked my if I'm a christian how can i like metal music.. cuz she's a friend. Anyway.... Hmm I lost my train of thought....

Well then, that's it.
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