allison teresa (riveroncecried) wrote,
allison teresa

Unordinary Day

Today was... well. *points to title* Overall, I'd say crappy, but -- haha, the ending wasn't too shabby, when I think about it...


Let's see, I started out with taking the train to the LA fashion district, and that really wasn't too bad. I saw so many fabulous and cheap outfits! But... you have to pay with cash, and I didn't have cash. Just a stupid Visa. Prom Dress. Two nasty words that have reared their ugly heads at me. There were a lot that were quite spectacular, but some parts just bugged me. I was so picky. And these two girls - two separate stores - had found like... THE greatest dresses in those respected stores, and gah! -Taken them. Damn it.

Damn it.

Oh, yeah. The graffiti's hott back there, on the walls and fences along the train path. haha.

Carrying on.

Wood Ranch in Camarillo. It's shit. "Oh, 40 mins to an hour.." *40 mins later* "Oh, it'll be a half hour...." *1/2 hour later* "Oh, another 10 mins..." Fucking shit, those retards.... Although there was a really hott waiter named Steve that was helping out at the front. Damn it.

Buuuut, it got better. Me-n-Ed's pizza. Although mom screwed up my order, the guy at the counter... HOTT. He was like... my kind of guy. Hott.... and a sense of humour.  LOL. Hmm. I asked him if I could get some of the beer, and he's like, "No.." but then I asked him if I paid him if he'd give me the wine... "$100" was the demand...

Hahhaa. Younger cousin Erin, who's a guy-hunter as well just has to blurt out, "If she gives you her phone number will you give us some wine?" OH MY GOD. I didn't think I could feel like I had died.

His answer made me happy though. He said yeah, he would. 

*happy sigh*

And add to that, Erin had to ask how old he was. Lucky me. I must have been blessed after the crappy morning and afternoon... and 2 hours prior to Me-n-Ed's.. 

He's "just a few months short" of 18.. HELLO!! Like... same age as me!!! *bows to GOD* Hallelujah!! AHAHAHAHA!!!! 

I wanna go back to Me-n-Ed's... every Friday afternoon now.

Anyways, on a different topic than guys... (since that whole upper part was extremely shallow - although he was looking at me like... yeah).... I.....

Want to be a model... Cause I'm freaking bored but I don't think so truly.. I'm just bored. 


Tags: bad days, boys, shopping
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