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This Is My Haven

where once the darkened water's tested...

allison teresa
The Faerie's Realm

Once Upon A Time...

I am first and foremost, religious. I love God dearly; Christianity rules. x__x I am Asian, hear me roar. Just kidding. Eheh. I will do almost anything for food, at which my friends tend to laugh. I say that food is either "the essence of life" or that it's "part of my 'religion'". I love Asian foods so gyoza, chow mein, sushi, ramen and yakisobi are delicious to my mind. I can down 4 bottles of Sparkling Cider in less than two hours when I feel like it and I can eat more than half of an All-meat pizza at... can't remember where, but yeah.

What else? I love random things. Rabdim (as I have come to call it through my newly found dedication to LoTR trilogy) is one of the most fantastic things in the world! I speak it, breathe it, read it (most definitely), and live it of course! Haha? ha...

My two most favourite movies are Titanic and A Walk to Remember, my favourite authors are Nicholas Sparks, Gail Carson Levigne, Frances Hodgson Burnett, and Dan Brown. Guys like Shane West's character in A Walk to Remember make me fall in love, and the heroic male like Leonardo DiCaprio's character make me melt. I <3 fantasy/ sci-fi, romance and comedy. Old things get to me like none other, and legends draw me in so deep that I can hardly ever breathe.

I go for leather and hyped-up street motorcycles, cars on NOS, and blood on the big screen. The arts are my passion, and I'm addicted to the internet. ^_____^

The End.


http://i8.photobucket.com/albums/a1/cascadingfates/Grimgirl.jpg http://i8.photobucket.com/albums/a1/cascadingfates/moongirl.jpg

Check it out. Free hand. No photoshop or jasc-y. No brushes.

.Bleeding Through Pain.

The two banners. Design and layouts by me, dur. Done by one of my bestest friends. Obviously, I don't have the talent or software. I luve her to death.