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Back From the Dead

Almost literally!

Well, I read my last post - that was a tad over-dramatic. But it was 2008. And apparently I couldn't even delete my LJ? I'm not sure if my ADD kicked in after I hit "POST," if I couldn't figure it out... or if I just couldn't bring myself to do it.

In any case, I'm back. MySpace has gone to the hipsters. Facebook has gone to the corporate-hacks. And I have not bothered to sign up for Instagram, Twitter, Vine, or SnapChat.... I'm pretty sure that's it.

The reason I'm back, you ask? Well, to summarize the last.. 6 years of my life: had a relationship, ended it, had another, ended it, stopped writing fanfiction, had a mental break, quit school 10 credits away from transferring for a BS in Biz Admin & Language, got over it, got a full time job, and have been hating life since.

To clarify though, my relationship status is now "complicated" but satisfying. If you catch my drift.

The dog that I got, a few months after my last post, was attacked by a dog (adopted by the friends I was living with) circa 2014 Superbowl weekend. I moved out, moved back in, moved around, and almost thought I'd be living in my car. Bounced back, sort of, thanks to Craigslist. I really can't knock it since I get so much ancillary income from them.

Last but not least, my breaking point AKA reason I'm now posting on here: my Facebook is officially being monitored by my work (damn privacy settings are pointless, I closed myspace, and Xanga has gone to the dogs). Now, if I post regarding work, it's hardly direct, not at all insulting to my bosses or profession, and generally all posts have been a focus on words of wisdom and Farm Heroes Saga games. That's it. So now I needed to find a platform to rant on that won't be monitored.

I'm pretty sure most in my current field of work don't even know what an LJ is. Silly old farts. Conveniently, no links or references to my RL/PL have ever been linked to here.

I did get rid of my shoddy half-assed LinkedIn page that I never wanted in the first place. I cleared all work/e-mail/education connections on my Facebook. I'm exhausted and frustrated that I'm treated like a criminal for passively vague references to work.

Maybe it's time to rev up my 5-year plan. (That's go back to school, get my BS, finish learning 10 languages, and go work for the CIA)

If anyone is out there, what are your thoughts, and do you have any suggestions on high ancillary income while I go back to school? So, ya know, I can quit the anarchist job I only got from a temp agency because I had no idea where I was going in life, but wanted more than $10/hour....

PS: If I do sign up for one of the other social media platforms, I'll be sure to be under an alias and keep myself in the dark of the internet. More suggestions?
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