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Now it's only been a week since I last "updated," but what-the-hey, who gives a sh!t? Heheh. There's, for some reason, a lot to say, or it feels like it...

A few things to start off; I had my "birthday party" on Friday evening with a few of my friends... like... 7ish people. Nng. There were supposed to be more but they bailed. Lame-ass. But it was fun. Magnetic dart-throwing contest. One of my friends, who shall remain nameless, kinda acted like a prat to another of my friends (so she was depressed for the rest of her stay, mostly)... Le sighe. Ummm, poker game in which one of my friends was 'playing' the deck... in favour of one of my closest and long-time friends. So funny.

That was followed by a trip to the blockbuster - a fifteen minute walk, that actually managed to go by quickly as a group of rowdy teenagers.. ^__^" What else? Ohhh, then we stopped back at the park that ya have to pass to go to the shopping center, and played on the slides and swings. Was fun, was fun.

Came back to cheesecake (because mom's like that, and I love to eat the stuff) with strawberries, and "presents" which were mostly gift cards. But I love gift cards. No clue why, but I think it's the barcodes that draw me in mostly. Hahahaha.

Anyway, like... 4 had to leave, so the rest of us, four girls and one guy stayed up to watch Accepted and Shaun of the Dead. Have I ever mentioned my dislike of horror movies? No matter if they're parodies? Well now I have. My friends complained that I screamed too much and wouldn't stop moving. Hahaha. But that was just with Shaun of the Dead. Hmmm.... la la la.

What else? The cotton candy machine. That thing is so much fun. I missed doing those, since I used to help with the county picnic when I was younger. Not too much younger but like.. 5 years. Le sighe. Ohh, and the stereo I bought especially for the party. It's such a convenience because when we move back to the other house - with the room I grew up in - I will have my stereo system with me! ^_^

Hmmm.. Hmmm.. can't think... what else? Oh. More Drama. That's what. One of the two guys that came, who shall remain nameless just for the sake of things..... well, we like to hug. It's just our thing. My little brother happened to see, cuz he was curious of the fact that my friends were in my room... and we happened to be hugging.... sigh. So he asked... "Are you Allison's boyfriend?" The little shit-brain. I'm so freaking happy that I'm too tanned to have a noticeable blush on my face... GRRR.

And then I later happened to find out that the incident that followed less than a minute later was because of my other guy friend - who happens to be the boyfriend of one of my close friends. I owe him a punch in the arm. Bruising him is my specialty....

Anyway, the "incident".... the guy friend that hugs me a lot (and vice versa) "fell" on top of me, onto my bed. If my mom had seen, she would've kicked him out of the house. I thought he was just gonna end up hugging me in the beginning, but he 'stumbled' and landed on me. Damn it. That was embarassing. All of my friends who were there at the beginning of the party, minus like two people, saw.

That was a shittingly embarassing moment, historical in my life. Out-does all of those moments in my childhood. Like falling down the stairs, my backpack straps breaking and zipper coming apart causing all of my papers to spill out, or the time I freaked out when a bee landed on my shirt... Ohhh yeah. Out-done.

Other things. Talking to a friend at my party, I'm happy to say that there were people I am thankful I will never see again. Hypocrites. Whimps. They have no pride in themselves, and they certainly have no sense of honesty and intelligence. Nevermind...

I was thinking of mentioning my dream, my I've changed my mind. Only reason: because it's just something I don't think anyone wants to read. Not that it's gruesome, it's just weird. I mean, it's my dream. And my livejournal can be accessed by anyone (and I'm too lazy to put it to private settings). Well I'm going to write in one of my journals about the dream. Lalala.

Well, goodnight people!
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