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summer's here, school's out forever! -or at least till fall....

Another long bout of not updating but now it's here.

After surviving 2 years of high school and college concurrently, I've graduated and I'm moving on to complete my AS (or my AA, if I've given up hope for a future).

There are so many good memories I have now, and honestly, a few more than I have of my lifetime friends at CCS. Just because... I felt more connected at the HS@MC. But anyways, all I'm remembering are all the smiles and the laughs I've shared with them, and it makes me kind of teary - which doesn't happen all that often.

[There's a moth outside the backyard glass door right now, haha.]

Now that everything's over, I dunno. Well, I will be focusing on my studies more, because I want a future where I won't feel useless. Bio-technology and engineering. ^_^ Helping save people, inspired by Chobits @___@;; - without having to look at blood. At least, not staring into someone's chest cavity while they're under anesthetics. Heh.

And.... today, I got my nails done. Because I thought that it'd be pretty. And they are! Consequently, at nail salons, the customers and salon workers LOVE to chat, so I heard about the family's nephew, who happened to be working while I was there.

..sigh. He's handsome and working to become a doctor... Heaven help me, I becoming obsessed with guys.. I definitely need to get laid. ASAP. But! - shhhh - we won't tell anyone that.

Well that's it.

Still working on my lastest fanfiction piece. It's going to be future SesshoumaruxKagomexHoujou. CU, of course, and very slow paced and long... long long, and drawn out. Hahahahaha.

ja min-na-san!
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