allison teresa (riveroncecried) wrote,
allison teresa


Two real things I have come to a conclusion about this weekend.

ONE: I can't wait for Grad Nite #2!! Grad Nite #1 was a kick-ass blast, seeing all of my friends again. I just hope it's as good with the HS@MC. I know that it'll be... awkward; most I ever do is spend time at school with everyone because I live so far away.

TWO: I'm sick and tired of all the shallow people on this earth. So I'm going to pursue my dream of bio-engineering, and I'm going to pile on as many classes as I can take. Dang it.

I'm reading my Guide to the Elements book, intent on finishing it around mid-summer, finishing The Afghan Campaign as well, and working on my license - cause duh, logical fear of getting in a car as well as the driver's seat.

le sighe. Anyways, that's it. I'm back to waiting for my downloads on iTunes, and am going to eventually get my homework done.

This time around, I'm going to get on those D-land dance floors, and I'll drag a guy for grinding if I have to.

Suck that shit, why don't you, you fuckers who stand on the sidelines and watch!!! MUAHAHHHAHAAHA!!!

...well, good-bye...
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